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Titanium Wire
Offered Titanium Wire is hard, lustrous, silvery metal that is acquired by magnesium or calcium diminution of the tetrachloride. It is relatively abundant element that is required for coating of a consistent thin layer one metal over another.
Titanium Valves
Titanium Valves are known to be resistant to various chemicals employed in electroplating process. These equipments are structurally as well as dimensionally accurate. These are known to have advanced current density with optimal load resistance.
Titanium Coils
Titanium Coils is still relatively new on the marketplace and is employed in several coil heads for the Temperature Control. It is considerably more stronger than and is extremely easier to work with.
Titanium Heat Exchanger
Titanium Heat Exchangers are employed for applications that need a high resistance to corrosion. These are employed in both plate as well as frame heat exchangers. These are the ideal materials, which are impervious to undulations in pH levels.

Titanium Reaction Kettles
Titanium Reaction Kettles have efficient resistant against rust and are suited for increased temperature as well as increased pressure applications. Supplied with optimal mechanical properties as well as simple installation, these are applicable for resin, chemical, dye, and food industry.
Titanium Pipe Fittings
Titanium Pipe Fittings are employed for metal sheet stretching, pipe bending, pulling and pipe fitting press forming. Offered fittings are applicable for Oil & Gas, Engineering & Forging, Petro-Chemical etc.
Titanium Wire Mesh
Titanium Wire Mesh is appreciated for its optimal quality, light weight structure and erosion safe properties. It is employed as the crucial part assorted applications which includes: medical and plating, aviation, defensive oxide covering, which assist in avoid reactions with assorted active metals.
Titanium Fasteners
Titanium Fasteners can be employed in racing industries such as sailing boats, medical equipment, racing motorcycles, cars etc. These are the machining components extensively employed in all sort of machines.
Titanium Centrifuge
Based on the application, the Titanium Centrifuges are rendered with ex-proof design as well as CIP/SIP features. These are high-speed extractors supplied with powerful separating capacity. The centrifuge turn around the axis and create a strong centrifugal force.
Titanium Filter Cartridge
Titanium Filter Cartridges are the porous titanium filters made for applications involving  aggressive chemicals, cryogenics, heat, gases,or polymers. Made with titanium powder, these are rugged as well as fixed pore structures that can withstand high pressures and temperature extremes.
Titanium Tube
Provided Titanium Tube is appropriately suitable for different environments and applications where the properties of stainless steels are not adequate. The typical usages include tubing for heat-exchangers as well as aerospace industry.
Titanium Foil
Titanium Foil is used as an evaporation source in magnetics, MEMS, microelectronics, optics, and hard resistant coats. These have been produced by using crystallization, solid state and several other ultra high cleaning procedures such as sublimation.
Titanium Block
Our offered Titanium Block is extensively used in coking industry, petroleum, desalination of sea water, powder industry and more. It is known for its polished surface, high strength, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy and high durability.
Titanium Blower
We are offering Titanium Blowers, which have been rendered with high efficiency and have been engineered for hassle free operation in electrolytic soda plants. The blowers come with reduced noise levels and can be rendered with accumulated efficiency.
Titanium Plating Equipment
Titanium Plating Equipment is employed for electroplating non-ferrous metals on metals so as to raise their serviceability and render a specific characteristic. It has been of high grade alloy insuring their good strength, strength, and non corrosive nature.
Titanium Filter Element
Titanium Filter Elements are capable to be employed for an assortment of applications including cryogenic fluids, catalyst recovery and corrosive liquids. These are made of bronze, nickel based alloys, titanium, stainless steels, and several special alloys.

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